Reese's Oreo Truffles

Truffles. with Oreos and a baby Reese's in the middle. Whose attention do I have now? Yours. Good! So, I finally got my hands on some Reese's Oreo's. Well, to be honest, the husband got his hands on these Oreo's first. Almost all of them, actually. Luckily, after sneaking them, he was generous enough to leave me 12 cookies.

Reese's Oreo Truffles


Who am I kidding..

I just beat him to the rest of the cookies. He must have literally stood in the kitchen and ate the Oreo's. Tricky man. His excuse for inhaling my recipe cookies? You take forever to make something with the things you buy. It's true, but no means no.

Reese's Oreo Truffles

If you can't find the Reese's Oreo cookies, feel free to try the original Oreo's. You could also try this with other flavors and coordinate the little candy in the center with the Oreo flavor. I would not recommend mint Oreo's with a Reese's mini peanut butter cup in the center. That gives me the heebie-jeebies just typing it. Yuck..

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You need to try these Reese's Oreo Truffles. Try 'em! Do it.

Reese's Oreo Truffles

Reese's Oreo Truffles

Reese’s Oreo Truffles

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Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 17 truffles
Calories 103 kcal


  • 12 Reese's Peanut Butter Oreo Cookies (Original's will work)
  • 3 oz. cream cheese room temperature
  • 1 T. granulated sugar
  • 17 - 20 mini unwrapped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • 1 ½ cups chocolate candy melts
  • 1 tsp. shortening


  • In a food processor, add in the cookies. Process on high until there are only crumbs.
  • Add in the cream cheese and sugar and pulse until the truffle balls up into a ball.
  • Place in a bowl and refrigerate for 1 hour.
  • Scoop out truffles with a cookie scoop. Place a mini peanut butter cup in the center of the truffle. Roll back into a ball and place onto a plate. Repeat with the rest of the truffles.
  • Place back in the fridge for another 30 minutes.
  • Place the chocolate melting wafers and shortening in a microwavable bowl for 30 second intervals. Stir after each 30 second interval. It took mine 3 30 second interval to melt completely so there were no lumps.
  • Dip cold truffles into the chocolate and tap off remaining chocolate. Place on a piece of parchment paper or wax paper until dry.


Calories: 103kcalCarbohydrates: 11gFat: 6gSaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 5mgSodium: 64mgPotassium: 25mgSugar: 9gVitamin A: 65IUCalcium: 7mgIron: 0.8mg

(Nutrition facts are an estimate and not guaranteed to be accurate. Please see a registered dietitian for special diet advice.)


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  1. This is like the perfect combination of all the best candy in the world. These actually seem do-able. I've tried a couple of truffle and buckeye balls recipes, and for some reason I just have trouble rolling things into little balls. Well, rolling candy into little balls. I can make meatballs all day 🙂

    1. haha! You get those meatballs! I also have trouble rolling candy into balls. I get tired of doing it and just start inhaling the mixture. I'm a little ashamed. 🙂

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