Cannoli Cones

These Cannoli Cones are a fun twist to a classic cannoli, without all the prep.

Ingredients –  sugar cones – milk  - chocolate chips – coconut oil – heavy whipping cream – whole milk ricotta cheese  – mascarpone –  powdered sugar – ground cinnamon – mini chocolate chips –  maraschino cherries  –  pistachios 

How to Make Cannoli Cones

Step 1

Take your ricotta and place in a fine mesh strainer and place over a bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight

Melt up your chocolate chips and coconut oil. Spoon some of the chocolate into a cone, and rotate it around.

Step 2

Step 3

Whip your heavy cream until it creates stiff peaks, stir in the ricotta and mascarpone, stirring till combined. Add in the powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Step 4

Toss in the mini chocolate chips and whipped cream. Pour into a piping  bag and fill each cone. Top with a cherry then serves and enjoy!

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