Mini Peeps Cheesecakes

These mini peeps cheesecakes are perfect for Easter. They have a Peeps  Oreo bottom, vanilla cheesecake center, and a little marshmallow creme  on top.

To finish off the cute mini cheesecakes, we added a peeps bunny and sprinkles!

How To Make Mini Peeps Cheesecakes


– cream cheese  –  granulated sugar –all-purpose flour –  egg –vanilla extract –  sour cream – heavy cream – Peeps Oreos –  marshmallow creme –  Peeps bunnies – electric pink gel paste food color –  pink sanding sugar – spaghetti

Step 1

Make the cheesecake batter and add electric pink gel paste food coloring

Spray mini cheesecake non stick pan with cooking spray, Add an oreo cookie  to the bottom of each cavity

Step 2

Step 3

Fill the cavity about ½ way full with the white cheesecake batter, place into oven

Step 4

Pipe small dot of marshmallow creme in the center and add pink sanding sugar to the top

Step 5

Slide pieces of spaghetti into bunny and cheesecake to prevent them from falling over, Serve

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