Honey Buns

These homemade honey buns are a cross between a donut and a cinnamon roll

They have a swirl of cinnamon in them and can be both fried and baked. They make a great breakfast or just a sweet treat to have on hand.

How To Make Honey Buns


- all-purpose flour – granulated sugar – salt – ground cinnamon - milk  – yeast  – melted butter – egg

Step 1

Make the dough

Place the dough in a bowl, coat with oil, cover with plastic wrap, and let double

Step 2

Step 3

Press the dough out onto a clean floured surface, Coat the top with ground cinnamon

Step 4

Roll the dough up

Step 5

Cut the dough

Step 6

Bake or fry, Glaze

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Swipe up for the full recipe!

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