Easter Truffle Bark

Easter's just around the corner and I've got some awesome holiday inspired desserts to share with you like this Easter truffle bark.

The center is a rich, creamy ganache. It's firm enough to hold together, but still have the perfect creamy consistency that I can't get enough of.

How To Make Easter Truffle Bark


- white chocolate - milk chocolate chips - heavy cream - easter candy - bright pink candy melts - turquoise candy melts - festive sprinkles

Step 1

Melt white chocolate and pour onto baking sheet. Melt milk chocolate melts and heavy cream, pour on top of white chocolate

Place in fridge, let harden

Step 2

Step 3

Pour another white chocolate layer on top

Step 4

Melt colored melts and pour on top quickly

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Swipe up for the full recipe!

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