Doctored Chocolate Cake Mix

Learn how to take a Chocolate Cake Mix and make it taste like it's made from scratch with this easy Doctored Chocolate Cake Mix Recipe. It's moist, fluffy, incredibly fudgy, and only requires a few additional ingredients.

With a few extra ingredients, you will find you can totally transform your cake into a whole new flavor.

How to make Doctored Chocolate Cake


chocolate cake mix unsweetened cocoa powder granulated sugar instant chocolate pudding mix freshly brewed coffee vegetable or canola oil large eggs full-fat sour cream vanilla extract

How to use Doctored Cake Mix

Cupcakes - You can make full-size, or mini cupcakes to then decorate as you would like.

8-inch layer cake - If you want to create a layered cake, go for it. Just grab your round cake pans and bake.

How to use Doctored Cake Mix

How to use Doctored Cake Mix

9x13 Pan - A classic cake is another option. Grab your 9x13 for baking up a delicious cake for birthday parties and more.

How to use Doctored Cake Mix

Bundt cake - Just adjust the cooking time to fit the thickness of the cake. It will take a bit longer to bake but will be delicious.

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