12 Shirts Your Favorite Baker Needs This Christmas

It's that time of the year when you're looking for something to buy your baker friends or family. Why not a cute or funny baking shirt? Take your pick with these 12 shirts your favorite baker needs this Christmas!

I've developed this love for buying baking related shirts. I think it all started watching Amanda from I am Baker doing live shows. After seeing her "World's Okayest Baker" shirt, I got on Amazon and bought my own.

After that one, I bought a Darth Vader shirt. Darth Vader was holding a platter of cookies and it says "join me" and he on a little apron that says I <3 the dark side. People constantly comment on my shirts and tell me how much they love them.


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1. World's Okayest Baker - I own this shirt and love it. It's definitely a conversation starter.

2. Watch me Whip Watch me Bake Bake - Maybe I'm just old, but I find this shirt hilarious! Also, who can whip and nae nae? Not this girl.

3. That's What I do I Bake and I know Things - I'm pretty sure that this is something my son has said about me before. That makes it a winner in my book.

4. Baking Ingredients and Utensils Heart - This one is just adorable. I can't believe it's not part of my collection of shirts yet. Soon!

5. Whisk Taker - A simple shirt with a cute saying. I love the play on words.

6. I Bake Because Punching People is Frowned Upon - For the baker that isn't a people person.

7. Bakers Gonna Bake - Another simple shirt. If you have someone that's known for their cupcakes, this would be a cute shirt for them. My hairdresser is the cupcake queen.

8. Baking is my Therapy - Because baking is my therapy! It puts me in a happy mood unless my recipe doesn't turn out, but that's a whole different story.

9. Choose your Weapon - Maybe it's because I have a son, but I really dig this shirt. I know he would get endless hours of entertainment talking about which weapon he would want to choose.

10. Baking is Love Made Visible - Because everything tastes better when it's homemade. It feels great to baking cookies for someone and to know that they enjoyed them.

11. Baking is my Superpower - Truth. If I have nothing else, at least I can still claim that baking is my superpower.

12. Cake Dealer - Totally buying this shirt too. It's too cute to pass up. I feel like a cake dealer or more like a cookie dealer this time of the year.

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